NEW RELEASE – The Independent Woman

A young wife awaits happiness. Her husband, a billionaire, is looking for a new challenge. What if love alone is not enough for their marriage?
Life treats Ella strangely right after the wedding. Her husband leaves her alone… with his entire fortune. Ella expected only happiness from her marriage to Graham. Everything has to be like other people – a wedding, a normal family life, children.
Graham still sees his wife as more of a helpmate than a spouse. He goes his own way, disregarding her wishes. His wife is alienated from his hobbies and his goals in life. And yet doubts gnaw at him – does she love him or his money?
And this step is a test for the strength of their relationship and the sincerity of the young woman’s feelings for the billionaire.
Will Ella cope with the tests that fell to her, obstacles and envy of new acquaintances? Will she find the man she loves so much?
For those who like to read sweet romance novels, read this book and the whole The Salamander – sweet Billionaire Boss romance series. This is the second in a series of romance books about a young naïve woman’s first love for her billionaire boss. You will be proud of this young woman and fall in love with these love stories!

An excerpt from The Independent Woman:
A ray of sunlight touched Ella’s face as she slept on the silk sheets of the luxurious double bed. The young woman reached up, brushed back curls of curly dark hair from her eyes, squinted, looked directly into the sun, and smiled. She smiled at everything that had been and at what awaited her today, a new life, new happiness. Happiness with her beloved husband, Graham.
Yesterday, their wedding took place. Ella turned on her side and saw the empty bed on Graham’s side. Then her eyes darkened, and she realized that all those memories were now in the past. She had nothing now. She had no future, no happily married life, no spouse. Yesterday morning, when the young woman awoke from her first wedding night, she saw that the bed was empty. She noticed from the balcony that Graham was getting into the car with his traveling bag and driving away. He did not answer her calls, or those of his parents or friends.
What had happened to him? What happened to them? Why did he leave her like that – alone, right after the wedding? Ella lay back again, staring up at the crisp white ceiling of the room. Where is Graham now? What had happened to him? What should she do now? Surely, she must get over this feeling of helplessness and start looking for him. She is his wife; she has a right to know what happened, what the problem is. She has a right to know!”
All right reserved, Copyright Misha Quinn, 2021

Praise for The Independent Woman:
5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐review: “Loved it! This is the continuation of Ella and Graham’s story and it does not disappoint. I will be reading the next book in this series. Can’t wait!” – the Amazon verified reviewer, 2021

INFO: Series intended for the wide range of readers who love romantic stories with “happily now” and “happily even after” ends. Novellas written in “shade-to-black” style and do not contain any graphic sex scenes or filthy language style.