Christmas Eve Surprise, A FREE Short Romance Story on YouTube

Christmas Eve Surprise short audiobook cover

Do you want to feel a good atmosphere of love, warm feelings, and romantic places? Then, listen to this short romantic audiobook on YouTube.

This story is special. It is part of the Love is Everything, book #4 of the Sunset Lake Club series.

I am still deciding if this story will stay in the Love is Everything book with the same text or if I will change it. 

But today, I invite you to experience the unique atmosphere of the Evening Before Christmas, which we all look forward to and enjoy at any age – just like the heroine of this story, Lori.

Of course, her faithful friends, Ellen and Betty, are involved in what awaits her this evening before Christmas.

I wish you an enjoyable listening to this mildly romantic story and good surprises on Christmas Day!

The direct link to the YouTUbe video is here: