Dreams - a fae fantasy romance

The sexy, feelings-packed DREAMS – the first book in The Throne of Flames, a fae fantasy romance series from Misha Quinn.

When the young, independent woman Ella began having dreams of a dark forest and a giant hunting her, she thought it was a nightmare. But she was wrong… a mage transported her to the medieval faerie world.

She was forced into a marriage with Thunder, a powerful and dangerous High Fae who scared her. It was the price she paid for the chance to return home.

However, Thunder kept a secret about why he needed this marriage. Ella had to choose what to do: to find a way back to her world or stay with her scary High Fae and face all the trials of the beautiful and dangerous faerie world.

Love, adventure, intense feelings, magic, and the enchantment of the faerie world come together in this fascinating story, DREAMS.

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In the depths of the night, where reality blends seamlessly with fantasy, lies a tale that transcends the boundaries of imagination. Meet Ella, a spirited and independent woman whose life takes an unexpected turn when haunting dreams of a dark forest and a relentless pursuit catapult her into the mesmerizing fae world.

Forced into a marriage with Thunder, a High Fae bearing a mysterious and wounded face, Ella discovers that destiny has woven their fates together. At first glance, Thunder might seem fearsome, but beneath his formidable exterior lies a complex soul capable of both darkness and tenderness. Their connection ignites with a fiery intensity, binding them amidst perilous trials and uncharted realms of love.

Yet, the faerie world is not just a realm of enchantment; it conceals treacherous challenges and ancient secrets that threaten their very existence. Armed with determination, Ella faces these adversities head-on, determined to protect her own life and the love she’s discovered in Thunder’s arms.

Ella’s and Thunder’s love story unfolds unparalleled in the heart of this fantastical realm, where magic weaves through the air like an intoxicating melody. Their romance is a beacon of light amid the shadows, a testament to the power of love in the face of adversity.

“Dreams” is not just a story; it’s an immersive experience, a journey that will transport you into a world where dreams are tangible, love is unyielding, and destiny is both a challenge and a blessing. Join the adventure today and let your imagination soar amidst the pages of this captivating tale.

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