Throne of Flames

A Fae Fantasy Romance Series

Step into a realm of enchantment and desire with Throne of Flames, the sexy, feelings-packed fae fantasy romance series from Misha Quinn.

The feeling-packed
The Throne of Flames, a fae fantasy romance series
from Misha Quinn

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The sexy, feelings-packed DREAMS – the first book in The Throne of Flames, a fae fantasy romance series from Misha Quinn.

When the young, independent woman Ella began having dreams of a dark forest and a giant hunting her, she thought it was a nightmare. But she was wrong… a mage transported her to the medieval faerie world.

She was forced into a marriage with Thunder, a powerful and dangerous High Fae who scared her. It was the price she paid for the chance to return home.

However, Thunder kept a secret about why he needed this marriage. Ella had to choose what to do: to find a way back to her world or stay with her scary High Fae and face all the trials of the beautiful and dangerous faerie world.

Love, adventure, intense feelings, magic, and the enchantment of the faerie world come together in this fascinating story, DREAMS.

DREAMS – read an eBook on Kindle or get the paperback from Amazon Books, Barnes & Noble, and more online stores; listen as an audiobook on YouTube for FREE or request the eBook or paperback in your library.

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She searches for traces of her past, but finds a new love.
But then their souls draw closer together and the journey to love begins.
“You expect too little from your life, my queen. You should know that your life is no less important in our world than the lives of Thunder or Elaris.”
Will external and internal obstacles hinder Ella and Elaris, and will a burning sense of guilt over a former love ruin their newly born mutual affection?

This is a fae fantasy romance series by Misha Quinn with an arranged marriage, fated mates, and enemies-to-lovers vibes.

If you enjoy reading feeling & action-packed, and sexy fantasy romances set in a world of High Fae and mystical creatures, such as dragons, read Throne of Flames, a fae fantasy romance series, to adventure, feel, and love just like the heroines of these stories.

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Dreams - a fae fantasy romance

Book #2 – SOULS

Book #3