New Release – A Reading Journal

I created and published my first Reading Journal on Amazon Books Store.

MY READING JOURNAL is a logically organized format 6″ x 9″ 120 pages lined book, with a record log for 50 books.
It’s a compact universal journal with no dates embedded in it, so you can start and keep using it for reading notes whenever you want. A universal “Night Sky” décor is suitable for any genre reader.

This book reading and review journal allows you:

  • to set up your reading goals and track them
  • to have a list of up to fifty books you have read
  • to make notes about each book on the numbered book’s page
  • to write about how you feel about this book in general
  • to write quotes
  • to rate books in a list and on the books’ pages
  • to draft reviews
  • to track posting the reviews
  • to set up your following reading goals.

What’s so special about this journal for recording books read and registering them?
I created this journal for myself and people like me – book lovers and avid readers. Why? 
Because we want something tangible in our hands—something to remind us of how many books we have read, and not just read, but to rate them, write our thoughts about the stories and, maybe, draft text reviews, share them with other readers online or in a reading club.
Such a journal would be helpful if you read books electronically or borrow them from the library and want to keep track of them.
This reading journal will help you keep track of the best things that connected you to the book you read, not necessarily every book, but the one you want to remember.

It may be a good gift for your relatives and friends who love to read books.

My Reading Journal by Misha Quinn is available only in Amazon Books Store, with some country limitations for the hardcover version:








In other Amazon Books Stores, you can find it by copying and pasting in the store’s search bar the ASIN B0C1236JYC or the phrase MY READING JOURNAL by MISHA QUINN.

P.S. Creating a reading journal for myself and my readers was exciting. It took three full-time “writing days” to design and build it. I enjoyed it!

Respectfully, Misha Quinn