NEW RELEASE – Anything Can Happen

Anything Can Happen: A Sweet Friend to Lovers, Later in Life, Contemporary Romance (Sunset Lake Club Series) Book # 2 is published on Google Play Books, Kobo Rakuten and Amazon Kindle Books.

Anything Can Happen: A Sweet Friend to Lovers, Later in Life, Contemporary Romance (Sunset Lake Club Series Book 2) by [Misha Quinn]

Sunset Lake Club series – Stories of women who, at a mature age, are searching for their happiness.

This is the second book about the life and love stories of three women bound to each other not only by a strong friendship, but by a mature age of about 50.

Yes, many women, even at that age, can be quite happy and keep an existing family and raise grandchildren. But there are those who are not doing so well. What can they do? Sit and wait for the grace of nature? No way! Women could take destiny into their own hands and look for new opportunities to build new lives.

I would recommend reading the books of Sunset Lake Club series not only to women of mature and elegant age but also to younger women to understand what life after 50 can be like.


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In principle, books #2, 3, 4 of Sunset Lake Series may be read as standalone. Hovewer, I would recommend do it this way:

1) download the FREE or Discounted ebook #1 Women’s Secrets, a prequel to the Sunset Lake Club series;

2) then get the book # 2 Anything Can Happenfrom the website page with all online stores’ links.