New Release – DREAMS, A Fae Fantasy Romance

Escape into a world of enchantment and passion with ‘Dreams,’ the first installment of the Throne of Flames fae fantasy romance series.
When the young, independent woman Ella began having dreams of a dark forest and a giant hunting her, she thought it was a nightmare. But she was wrong…
Transported by a mage to the medieval fae world, she was forced into a marriage with Thunder, a High Fae with a wounded face. It was the price she paid for the chance to return home.
A fiery bond binds Ella and Thunder, and their fates intertwine amidst treacherous trials and uncharted love.
However, Thunder keeps a secret why he was forced into this marriage. Will Thunder be able to protect his wife from all the dangers that beckon him in this world? Will Ella overcome fate, save her and Thunder’s lives, and maybe even love?

Dreams is crafted in the portal fantasy and time travel form, whisking readers away from the ordinary and into a realm where elemental beings reign supreme. Discover the secrets that await Ella and her destined love as they navigate this wondrous and dangerous land, where Every step promises both danger and enchantment.

Every book in this series can be read standalone.

Throne of Flames series:

Dreams [Book # 1] (Aug 2023)
book #2
Book #3

Dive into the spellbinding portal fantasy of Dreams, available in Kindle Unlimited or as a paperback.

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Dreams - A Fae Fantasy Romance, book #1