NEW RELEASE – The Return Game

Ella, a young woman who has traveled the hard road to independence, is on the cusp of success. Now she has everything – a fortune, her own apartments and a car. All this she has achieved on her own, without the support of her beloved husband, the millionaire Graham. Oh, her ex-husband…

After going through the difficult trials gave upon her by fate and her husband, Ella enters her orbit and creates her own world, in which she lives as she wishes. She thinks her life, her past life, has been left far behind. The young woman enjoys her new life, which she shares only with her friends, family, and her pets, two tiny dogs. Fate has divorced her from the man she loves, and Ella is not ready to bring another man into her life. Who knows, maybe her feelings for Graham are still alive?

Though Ella thinks that her happiness is in the past, the ambitious millionaire is not used to give up either in business nor in love and wants to rekindle the extinguished fire of their love anew. Graham realizes that he still loves Ella and intends to return her feelings and herself.

Will he succeed? After all, Graham loves himself so much… Will he be able to put the woman he loves first in his life and win back her feelings for him? Is there a second chance for love?

For those who like to read sweet romance novels, read this book and the whole The Salamander – sweet Billionaire Boss romance series. This is the second in a series of romance books about a young naïve woman’s first love for her billionaire boss. You will be proud of this young woman and fall in love with these love stories!

Praise for The Return Game:
5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review: ” This is an aptly named final chapter to this trilogy. Graham returns to the only woman he ever loved or needed. Ella finally gets her man. This is a very satisfying HEA for this couple. Looking forward to more from Misha Quinn!” – Amazon reviewer, Verified Purchase, 2021

INFO: Series intended for the wide range of readers who love romantic stories with “happily now” and “happily even after” ends. Novellas written in “shade-to-black” style and do not contain any graphic sex scenes or filthy language style.