The Lonely CEO, ebook

Graham is a self-centered billionaire and the arrogant boss of a naïve and courageous girl, Ella, his new intern.

Accustomed to bossing people around and conquering women, Graham plans to use his new subordinate to the advantage of his business. However, to his surprise, Ella won’t let him play with her feelings and use herself in corporate intrigue.

Shocked not so much by the openness of the girl’s feelings for him as by her heart’s response to him, Graham decides to end the relationship and sever the threads of sympathy and attraction he has developed for Ella.

The cold calculation of Graham must defeat the heat of the first true love. The billionaire begins his game…

This is a first book in The Salamander, A Billionaire Boss Romance Series, and the story ends with a cliffhanger to the next story, The Independent Woman.

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